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Is this you? 

  • You say yes even when you want to say no. 

  • You feel immense guilt when putting yourself or your needs first and you put everyone before yourself.

  • You struggle with identifying your own needs. 

  • You were praised for being on your "best behavior" or being a "good girl/boy".

  • You fear conflict and don't want to "rock the boat". 

  • You have a hard time setting boundaries / you don't have any. 

  • You are hyper-attuned to everyone else's needs while you neglect your own.

  • You apologize for everything, even if there is nothing to be sorry for. 

  • You feel scared to say what you are thinking and struggle with communicating when you are hurt.

  • You identify as a "yes" person.

How this masterclass is different: 

Somatic exercises and nervous system regulation offer a deeper approach to healing compared to traditional talk therapy. When you are in fight/flight/freeze/fawn and you are feeling triggered, the logical part of your brain shuts off. Telling yourself just to set that boundary or say how you’re feeling will be anxiety provoking and unsafe to your nervous system. This is where somatic exercises and nervous system regulation come in; they target the body's physiological responses and emotional experiences and move you out of fight/flight/freeze/fawn and into feeling regulated, safe, and calm in your body. 

Just imagine what it would feel like to…

  • Have authentic connections where you state your desires, needs, and how you're actually feeling. 

  • Set boundaries from an empowered and grounded place knowing that your feelings & needs matter. 

  • Identify exactly what you need - physically & emotionally and you learn how to meet them through others and yourself.

  • Stand up for yourself when someone does something you aren't comfortable with.

  • Say no when something doesn't feel right in your body. 

  • Be so connected with your intuition that you can spot red flags in someone and walk away without guilt​.

  • Not care what other people think and make decisions that feel like a f*ck yes in your body.

Are you ready to stop people-pleasing and self-abandoning? Join us in this transformative masterclass to reconnect with your authentic self where you will have access to:

Somatic Exercises

Engage in somatic movements to help you release pent up tension, feel safe to say no, & set empowered boundaries.

Nervous System Regulation Tools

Build safety in your body by re-connecting back to your intuition, remove guilt when putting yourself first, and rebuild your self trust. 

Inner Child Healing Meditation

Reparent your inner child by giving them the unconditional love, nurturance, reassurance, and support they've always been craving.


When you come to this masterclass, you will be radically accepted, loved, and supported by the community members that are attending

Live Q & A with Valerie

Gain invaluable insights from a live session with Valerie, where you can ask questions and get personalized advice on all things people pleasing and self abandonment

Abandonment healing meditation

When your abandonment wound is activated, it triggers a younger version of you that was stuck with having feelings of rejection and/or abandonment. This meditation helps you to process these emotions so you can feel less triggered  and more connected in your relationships

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