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My Story

Rapid transformational therapy (RTT) changed my entire life. I sought it out because I was struggling with chronic anxiety for decades, I was always stressed out, and I never felt good enough. 


The anxiety was affecting every area of my life including my health. The anxiety became so severe, I started to rip out chunks of my hair & my eyelashes. I had  an eating disorder, chronic pain that was spreading throughout my entire body, adrenal fatigue, high levels of inflammation, acne, hormonal imbalances, and tests showed I had levels of autoimmunity and I was heading toward disease. The pain was so severe I thought I would be in a wheelchair by 30. 

I was seeing a talk therapist for 3 years and while it had benefits, it didn’t help me with anxiety or my physical health and it had never given me the long term results I wanted. After having an RTT session, my life completely transformed and I made so many connections to why I was struggling with anxiety, chronic pain, and never feeling good enough. Rapid transformational therapy truly moved the needle for me and showed me there was a light at the end of the tunnel. This is why I dedicated my life to helping others overcome similar struggles. 


Now I am living the life I’ve always dreamt of, I’ve never been happier & healthier. My hair has grown back and it is now thicker then ever, I feel relaxed and calm even in the midst of stressful times, I have a healthy relationship with food, blood tests have shown that I have completely reversed signs of autoimmunity, inflammation has greatly decreased, I move with ease and have no chronic pain anymore and my skin cleared up ten fold. Use myself and my clients as proof to show you that RTT can help you overcome even the hardest struggles and transform your life. 


Valerie’s qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

  • Minor in family development

  • Certification in Parent & Family Education

  • Licensed Rapid Transformational therapist

  • Certified Hypnotist

  • Licensed rapid transformational therapy practitioner


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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